6 timeless pairs of shoes that you should have in your wardrobe

I was creating this list thinking about how universal and matching as many ocasions and styling as possible each of this pair of shoes has to be. This way I managed to select six pairs of shoes, which in my opinion, every woman should have in her closet thanks to its timeless look and multipurpose use. Check out the list and see how many you are missing!

  1. Ballerinas

Classics of the genre! I think every woman has in her closet one pair of ballerinas. They are extremely comfortable, adorable and suiting almost every styling during the spring-summer season. They will go perfectly well with casual styling and more elegant office sets. In the latest collections, you will find a great selection of ballerinas. What model is best? It all depends on you, your style of dress, life and needs. I love picking ballerinas in bright colours. This year I got myself red ones. I love them!

  1. Classic high heels

There is no denying here: your legs loos so much better in high heels: both slimmer and longer. If you wear high heels only several times a year, one pair will be enough for you. You probably wonder now what colour is best? It is hard here for an unambiguous answer. I choose beige, because black do not convince me and seems to be too sad for my style. I think it is a very good solution to get yourself grey high heels that will suit both summer and winter celebrations.

  1. Sneakers

These are the most comfortable shoes in the world. Ideal for jeans, patterned trousers and summer dresses. In stores, you will find a lot of female models of sneakers. I am confident that each of you will find something for you. Who doesn’t love this model?

  1. Sandals

You probably agree with me that it’s a must-have for the summer. What model should you choose? It all depends on you. Of course, sandals on the flat sole are more comfortable and more practical, but the heels are much more feminine. This season, the most fashionable are the classic Romanian style, tied around the ankle, sandals, on the wedge and richly decorated.

  1. Chelsea boots

These classic shoes add style, elegance and simplicity to your everyday outfit. Perfect in a duet with leather skinny pants, oversize sweater and classic handbag. However, they look equally well with jeans, a white shirt and a coloured scarf. I recommend classic models that will not go out of style in the next season. Black leather or brown made from suede will be a hot.

  1. High Boots

Unfortunately, you do not have much choice here. You can opt for classic models in army style or more feminine boots over the knee. The latter look great with dresses and skirts, but they do not go well with some trousers.

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