Outfit idea for a night out – body top and skinny pants

Friday is nearly there, you have a scheduled a night out with your friends. But there is one thing you can’t stop thinking about. Again, you don’t know what to wear. We all know this problem. The simplest answer is to wear something you feel comfortable combined with the hottest trends and expressive accessories that will make you noticed. Check my idea on some basic parts of clothing that you can wear more than once and will make you shine bright on a night out.

My proven set for a party on weekend? Body top instead of a shirt, combined with skinny pants. Add to it comfortable shoes and some strong accents – interesting handbag or bold jewellery. When going to a party in a club, it is worth to opt for a comfort – after all you want to have fun there and dance all night. Nothing is more distracting than uncomfortable high heels or unfitted dress.

Sexy body top for a party

Body instead of a top is an interesting party proposition. Subtle rifts, fancy imprints and sexy shape – there is no more better option when you want to underline your silhouette. If you choose a short sleeve body, choose a short jacket that would go with it. Styling will be very feminine and will definitely add some elegance to your stylization. You can wear long-sleeved on its own or with a jacket.

Pants perfect for the club

Skinny jeans will perfectly emphasize shapely legs, but if you prefer regular legged models – choose your favourite ones that will make you feel comfortable. Both will perfectly match the body top. You can choose jeans, trousers or very fashionable this season – leather pants. This set of heels will look stunning, but if you want to dance all night – put on more comfortable ballerinas.

So speaking about the devil, what about shoes then?

So again, if you are not used to high heels, it is better not to risk – the event will be associated only with painful bubbles on your feet. Do not go the other way too much either – the bodyguard at the entrance and the selection managers may not let you in if you come in sports shoes. Pick then something from between: for more elegant sets consider platforms wedges or mentioned before ballerinas. If you decide on more easy-going set choose then lords, creepers, vans, sneakers or workers.

Trendy accessories

If you decide on a plain, simple body top, you should revive the styling with some bold accessories. Beautiful gold or silver jewellery, bag in a juicy, strong color – will perfectly complement the party look. Trendy colours for this season? Orange, yellow, pastel blue and red.

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