Wedding attire – Guide for wedding guests

When we are invited to a wedding, our biggest dilemma might be what should we wear for this special occasion. Luckily, there are some universal rules that can be applied to when completing our wardrobe. The first and most important rule is that our outfit should be elegant. Whether the venue is held in a house, in open air or in a five-star hotel we should adjust the outfit to the type of the celebration. Usually you have quite a lot of time to think what costume will suit best your personality as we get the invitation in a few months advance. Have a look on my guide for wedding guests and inspire yourself.

Wedding attire for man

If it comes to dressing up for a wedding, usually it is way less difficult for men than women. Why? Because they do not have such a wide choice. They usually have two or three suits in their closet for different occasions and at different weddings they will differentiate them from another by putting on a different shirt or tie. Elegant man wedding attire should match the dress of his plus one. It is better for gentlemen not to dress that day in a tuxedo, especially if they do not know what the groom will wear. On that day, it is a faux pas to look more graceful and more elegant than the groom. It is better to stay with a good, old suit – in bright colour if the venue takes place during the day, darker is ideal for a reception that takes place at evening.

Wedding outfit for a woman

If it comes to women’s dress code, there are more rules to follow. The most important is that it is badly seen (in some cultures forbidden) to wear a white or a ecru dress. These colours are exclusively reserved for the bride. It is quite awkward to wear black as well. It fits more for a late-night party than to a cheerful wedding event. Black is also associated with mourning.

How long a dress should be?

This is an important question and the answer depends on what the wedding venue is like. If it is a modest meeting, dinner with the closest family, you can wear a midi length cocktail dress, that goes well with a colour suit jacket. You can choose a dress made of taffeta, chiffon or satin. For a very elegant, sophisticated wedding venue, which takes place at evening, we can choose a long, luscious dress, preferably in bright pastel colour (but not ecru and white). Do not be afraid of shimmering materials. The attire we should certainly not choose for a wedding reception is a super short mini dress. Wedding is not a discotheque, if you do not want to offend the hosts, better give up on such an outfit.

And what if dresses and skirts are not the clothes we feel best about? No problem. Rich wedding dress and wedding savoir – vivre allow you to wear pants or an elegant jumpsuit instead. To add a unique feature, we can put on an elegant top or corset at top of it. The proper character of such a costume will give you well-chosen accessories.

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